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Nicole Crain, Attorney at Law - Hillsboro, Texas

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About Crain Law:
Nicole Crain has been providing tireless and timely legal advice to the people of Central Texas since 2002. A graduate of Texas A&M University in 1999 and Baylor Law School in 2002, Nicole knows how complex and overwhelming the legal process can be. Crain Law aims to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case. Crain Law provides legal services and advice to clients in Hillsboro, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

As an attorney in Hillsboro, Nicole Crain works hard to protect your rights. But our job doesn’t stop there — we strive to keep you informed about the details of your case as they evolve. Crain Law keeps you involved and personally guides you in making important decisions about your case. I am here to serve you and protect your rights. Get in touch with us today and schedule a consultation. Please call (254) 266-6844