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The Milford facility is home to two manufacturing entities, Energetics and TCP.

Energetics designs and manufactures an extensive variety of shaped charges and ControlFire® detonator assemblies, and distributes related energetic materials.

TCP designs and manufactures tubing conveyed perforating gun systems, firing heads and the T-Set® line of setting tools. The manufacturing of both groups is conducted under their ISO 9001 certification.

Facility Certification
• ISO 9001:2015
• AgCE 5-HUT

Products / Services / Facility Capabilities
Energetics / TCP Firing Heads and Hardware
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• Complete systems
• Shaped charges
• Detonators and RF-safe systems
• Detonating cord
• Power charges
• Jet cutters

TCP Systems and T-Set®
• TCP perforating systems and hardware
• T-Set® tools and hardware