Crosstown Fellowship Church

Crosstown Fellowship Church


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About Us

Crosstown Fellowship Church is a new church in Hillsboro, Texas. Join us Sundays 10am at Holiday Inn

Our Mission
The mission of Crosstown Fellowship Church is to go out, make disciples, and baptize them while teaching them to be obedient to the Word of God.

Hillsboro, TX
Hillsboro has a steady, diverse population
of about 8,000 and is the county seat in
Hill County, which has a population of
about 35,000.

Most residents are working class families
that have always called Hillsboro home,
so ties to the community are strong.

Education and Income
Hillsboro ISD serves the local area. In addition, there are 10,
mostly 1A school districts that makeup the rest of the Hill
County area. Many of these school districts house their students in single building, K-12 campuses with few community or recreational resources. Hill College, a 2-year residential college, serves approximately 4,000 students.

Why Plant a Church Here?
…Rural Ministry Matters to the Kingdom
With 50% of the area identifying as unchurched, Central Texas is ripe for the Gospel. Rural areas have a need for mission-minded churches who are intentional about building Christ-centered community.